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Designed by Top  Stylist Zac Fennell


BA1 Bags. Designed in the heart of Bath by top hair stylist Zac Fennell. 

During my 20 years working as a stylist, I’ve always been on the hunt for the right bag to store my hairdressing tools. I’ve had many sheaves and bags but I was never impressed or felt they worked well. Every time I would look online or visit a shop, I would be inundated with plastic/pink and sorry to say cheap rubbish that doesn't last!

I love my kit and have a real love for keeping my equipment in its best condition so storing and keeping it safe is a priority. Working in a busy salon with 26 staff we all know how important and valuable it is to keep even the simple things like clips and combs safe.

Then we have our scissors, these are so important, it breaks my heart when I see a hairdresser put them in a toiletry bag thinking that it will protect them and be the best place to store them!

Our scissors cost from £80 to £750, a real investment, keeping them sharp and avoiding them being dropped or damaged is a priority. Plus when working in front of your guest, if your equipment is neat and clean and well looked after it makes the right impression!

I searched and searched but couldn't find anything so I decided to create a bag myself. After making a few bags I used and tested them on many shows and different styling situations. I've tweaked and mastered it and really feel I have created an awesome product!

The honest reason for now selling these bags -I was constantly being asked “where can I get one of those bags?” everywhere I went! I never started this as a bag business this was literally just me making a bag to aid my needs; as a busy hairdresser keeping my kit safe when traveling.

I am now being inundated with emails and requests from busy session stylists and salon workers wanting a bag that not only keeps their kit safe and secure, it looks great, is very hard wearing and will last their hairdressing career!

So here we are... BA1 Bags is born. It’s been a fantastic journey getting here, and I’m proud to share the first few products. I hope you love them as much as I do.
— Zac Fennell

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